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Getting to Know Ian Kobernick

(Photo Courtesy of Ian Kobernick)

After decades of subpar baseball at K, Ian Kobernick’17 is helping produce title-challenging performances. The sophomore standout set K’s single season record for hits last season (52 hits) and has continued his great play this year.

The team is making their second straight playoff appearance, and Kobernick has played a large role in both seasons. “The ability to come right into the lineup and make an immediate impact is one of the main reasons I came to K,” said Kobernick. He played in all 42 games last season and has played in 35 of the 40 games this season.

He plays centerfield and excels at this position due to his natural athleticism. Prior to K he played varsity tennis, varsity hockey and varsity baseball at Berkley High School. He is originally from Huntington Woods, Mich. just twenty minutes outside of Detroit where he grew up a big Tigers and Red Wings fan.

Kobernick wears number 19 for the Hornets because of he loved Steve Yzerman growing up.

He has a reason for everything he does when it comes to his athletic career, specifically he’s very superstitious. When the K College Sports twitter account tweeted about his 15-game hitting streak he jokingly said, “I had my 15 game hitting streak but they posted that and now it’s definitely gone.”

However, Kobernick beat the superstition and kept his hitting streak going through the end of the season, a total of 19 games.  He also wears the same socks every game, only tapes one of his wrists up for games and it’s the same one every time, and he says he does pretty much all the generic good luck stuff like throwing salt over his shoulder when it spills.

Away from baseball Kobernick is an econ major with a Spanish minor and a concentration in community and global health. Dr. McKinney is one of his favorite professors, “She really turned me on to economics.” He hopes to work in healthcare administration someday. Kobernick will also be studying abroad in Spain in the fall. “I’m stoked for it,” he says.

Even though he’s only been at K for two years, he already has some lasting memories. “Taking three of four from Hope last year was awesome,” says Kobernick. Although one of his favorite memories is more fun than serious. He says, “When I got my first hit last year I wiped out between first and second, I got thrown out trying to come back to first.”

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Getting to Know Ian Kobernick