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Getting to Know Erin DuRoss

As a first-year, DuRoss led the team in batting average, slugging percentage, innings pitched, wins, complete games, and strikeouts. (Photo courtesy of Erin DuRoss)

Some people work extremely hard to become good at a sport, others are naturally talented. Then there are those who a naturally talented but work harder than everyone else so they can be the best they possibly can. K softball star Erin DuRoss’17 is the latter.

As a first year, DuRoss led the team in batting average, slugging percentage, innings pitched, wins, complete games, and strikeouts. This season she kept up the good work by again leading the team in wins, complete games, and strikeouts.

Her pitching stats are reflective of her personality. She says she enjoys pitching more than batting. “I like how pitchers are involved in every play, how they control the game,” says DuRoss.

As much as she loves softball, it is not the only sport DuRoss plays. Here at K she enjoys playing IM volleyball and IM basketball. Outside of K she considers herself an outdoorsy person, and enjoys hanging out with friends or playing golf.

Her relationships with her friends and teammates are among the things she cherishes most in life. DuRoss describes the closeness of her team by saying, “I’ve never played on a team where chemistry is so great.” Her great teammates support her both on the field and off of it when she has to study for a chemistry midterm on a Sunday night.

DuRoss is a chemistry major on the pre-med track and a classics minor here at K. She chose chemistry because she has always loved the subject since she first began learning about it. Next year she will be applying her classics minor skills when she studies abroad in Greece. “It’s something I’m really excited about,” she says.

DuRoss has definitely brought a great contribution to K’s athletic program and campus, and we’re very lucky to have her. She is originally from Onsted, Mich., which is near MIAA rival Adrian. However, DuRoss was looking for a school a little farther away from home and with great academics. Lucky enough, she ended up at K.

This has worked out well for both parties because K’s softball team has enjoyed her contributions, and DuRoss herself has enjoyed the school. Despite being a chem major, Dr. Boyer Lewis has been DuRoss’s favorite professor here at K. She says she wishes she could have more classes with her.

As much as DuRoss is a normal student athlete, she fits in well at K by having a special uniqueness about her. She considers herself obsessed with the song “No Interruption” by Hoodie Allen. “It was my walk up song freshmen year, I think I’m going to bring it back.”

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Getting to Know Erin DuRoss