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Getting to Know Danielle Gin

(Courtesy of Danielle Gin)

Some people will say that cross country isn’t a team sport, but sophomore runner Danielle (Dani) Gin ’17 will say otherwise. “People say [cross country] isn’t a team sport, but you get so much farther when you’re with a team because we all push each other,” says Gin.

Gin comes to K all the way from Chandler, Ariz., where she began her cross country career. She originally gave up the sport her first year at K because she thought she was done with it. However, by the time sophomore year had come around she was already back running with a team again. In her first year on campus when she didn’t run cross country, she says she ran at least once a week because she missed the sport so much.

The cross country team is not the only group on campus that Gin is a part of. She is also a member of K Crew, the college choir, works in the gear room in Harmon, and she helps run Humans versus Zombies.  Gin likes to be a large part of the campus community, she has a very friendly personality and puts this to use as a campus tour guide. “My tour guide was the reason I came to K, so I like to give back in that regard,” says Gin.

Her participation at K is also not limited to just activities on campus. She recently went on a KOC trip to Kentucky over spring break. She also did Landsea and described the experience as life changing.

Gin is not just a great member of the K community, she is also a strong presence in the classroom. She is a classics major, specializing in Greek and Latin. Last year she was awarded the Clara H. Buckley Prize for Excellence in Latin. As a junior she plans to study abroad in Rome.

Despite all of these remarkable achievements, many friends say Dani is still one of the most friendly and approachable people on campus. Although sometimes she shows affection in odd ways (by whacking her friends with her keychain to say hello), her friendship is still cherished by many in the K community.

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  1. Connie Sherman // April 15, 2015 at 8:34 PM // Reply

    Danielle, always knew you were a terrific young lady. The world is waiting for you. Go for the best that life has to offer. We are all so proud of you.

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Getting to Know Danielle Gin