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Getting to Know Blake Beauchamp

Blake Beauchamp poses with two other members of the men’s club lacrosse team. (Nick Marsh / The Index)

As all of K’s sports finished their respective seasons a couple weeks ago, the men’s club lacrosse team finally wrapped up practice last week. Though the team was small this year, it was still filled with large personalities like sophomore Blake Beauchamp’s.

Beauchamp is originally from Clarkston, MI on the east side where he attended high school at Everest Collegiate. In high school he played varsity basketball, football and golf. He walked on to the basketball team his freshmen year at K, but was just the team manager this season.

“When I heard Coach Redko was going to do a club team this spring, I was pumped,” said Beauchamp. He describes playing for and interacting with Coaches Redko and Mallonee as some of the most fun he’s had here at K.

Outside of athletics (and the weight room) Beauchamp is a chemistry major with a business minor and pre med focus. He is a member of the Health Professions Society and plans to help bring back the Investment Club here at K in the upcoming fall quarter.

Despite his strong focus on classes and his pursuit to one day become a doctor, he is also what many would describe as a “personal fitness enthusiast.” Beauchamp visits K’s weight room on a daily basis and seems to mention his gains in nearly every conversation he has. “There are many health benefits I can experience by working out everyday,” says Beauchamp. “It increases self confidence, attractiveness and all around performance in most sports and activities.”

His hard work has definitely paid off as many of his club lacrosse teammates have described him as un-coverable in practice. Overheard in one practice exchange between teammates, “Whose turn is it to cover Blake?” “Not mine thankfully.”

Next year Beauchamp hope’s Coach Redko will ask him to come back and be one of the experienced members of K’s first varsity lacrosse team. He’s already been helping out next year’s team by hosting lacrosse recruits throughout the school year. Though not officially a college athlete at K right now, it’s only a matter of time before Beauchamp’s gains start paying off and he starts scoring goals for the Hornets.

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Getting to Know Blake Beauchamp