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Getting to Know Alissa Neff 

Alissa Neff (Photo Courtesy of Alissa Neff)

Although Ultimate Frisbee is not an official sport on campus, it often features more participants than several of K’s varsity athletic teams. The women’s Ultimate team, the Queen Beez, is captained and led by star player Alissa Neff ’15.

Neff is a senior here at K preparing to graduate in just about a month. She has played Ultimate Frisbee all four years at K and in both positions, handler and cutter. “I like playing cutter better, but because I’m captain I learned how to handle so I could teach the new players,” says Neff.

This year she was a leader on a Queen Beez team that has had more success than ever before. They finished second in their spring break tournament and finished fourth at regionals. Neff says that prior to this year they were happy to just not get bageled, but now they are competitive.

Neff is a physics major with a math minor. She did her SIP as a study on the introductory physics education here at K. She also says that Dr. Tobochnik has been her favorite professor here in her time at K. “He is just a really fantastic teacher,” says Neff.

After she graduates in June, Neff plans to take a year off from school to do research and apply for graduate school. She already has plans to work with visiting professor Dr. Dave on some research this summer here at K.

However, her time with the Queen Beez on the field has already come to an end, but this does not mean the end of her ultimate career.  “I still plan to support the Frisbee team and community [here at K] after I graduate,” says Neff. “And I plan to play for a club team in either Ann Arbor or Kalamazoo this summer.”

Her love for the ultimate community and the sport itself is one of the many reasons why the Queen Beez feel she is a great leader. Neff says that being a part of the ultimate community on campus was one of her favorite things here at K; that and the ultimate teams’ spring break trips each year.

“We’re all in a car together for hours, and then a house together for a week, it’s just a really good bonding experience,” says Neff. Although her time as a playing member of Queen Beez is nearly over, her leadership and traditional game-day pig-tails hairstyle will always ignite fond memories in the Frisbee community at K.

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Getting to Know Alissa Neff