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Getting to Know Carmen Compton

Photo courtesy of Carmen Compton. Photo courtesy of Carmen Compton.

Before matriculating to Kalamazoo College, first-year student Carmen Compton K’20 was a libero for the Marlins’ volleyball team at Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan. But shortly after her arrival at K just weeks ago, Compton approached her new seminar friends with a lacrosse stick in hand and announced that she had joined the team – despite having never played a day of lacrosse in her life.

“I thought, ‘Why not?’” she explains to The Index. “It’s a new opportunity.”

Of course, Compton is feeling that decision now as she sits at The Book Club, surrounded by friends and laughing until her abs ache, which doesn’t take much these days. She describes the intensive daily workouts with the team as “nonstop sprinting and barfing.”

“You see a lot of puking,” she says. “I haven’t thrown up yet, though.”

Compton admits, in addition to being grueling, the lacrosse team is a big time commitment, causing her to miss “fam dinners” with her seminar classmates on multiple occasions. And she only expects her schedule to get busier once the season actually starts.

Even so, Compton has no regrets about joining. She believes lacrosse has helped her develop time management skills – which can be crucial at K – and when asked about her favorite part of the experience so far, her answer was immediate.

“I love the team and the coach,” she said, and then laughs. “And I get to hit people!”

When she isn’t hitting people, Compton enjoys spending time with her friends, loves “Formation” by Beyoncé, and hopes to major in psychology. She is also one of the school’s many gluten-free students, which hasn’t been easy for her.

“It’s really hard in life when all your friends are eating cookies for breakfast and then you’re just sitting there because you can’t have them,” she explains. As a result of her gluten-free diet, Compton has also flirted with veganism.

When asked what her favorite part about college has been so far, Compton expresses her love for the “super nice and friendly environment at K.” She says she has met a lot of good people in her first few weeks, and hopes to do the school proud even in spite of her lack of lacrosse experience.

Fans can catch Compton and the rest of the Kalamazoo College women’s lacrosse team in action come March 2017.

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Getting to Know Carmen Compton