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Get to Know Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson K'16

Kalamazoo College Senior Michael Anderson feels both graduation and the first LSAT exam date nearing. Neither, however, seem to be stressing him out.

“I will actually be working at the Kalamazoo Nature Center for a year,” Anderson said.

Beginning in June, Anderson will be working at the nature center performing a variety of tasks: coordinating the corporative invasive species act, great lakes ecological management crew, managing invasive species, and helping to refurbish land.

Compared to the campus environment or a traditional work setting, Anderson will be spending a great deal of time during this next year doing fieldwork.

“Summer is the field season,” Anderson said.” I’ll probably be in the green house counting caterpillars, driving to locations, collecting caterpillars, and raising those.”

Following his year in Kalamazoo, Anderson plans to begin the next stage of his life. Whether that stage is law school or something else, he is unsure.

“Hopefully law school after that, depending on how the LSAT goes, and a lot of other factors,” Anderson said. “I’m still up in the air with what I want to do. I’m hoping working at the nature center will push me in one direction or the other.”

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Get to Know Michael Anderson