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Funding Board Becomes Reality

The newly appointed members of the Student Funding Board. Travis Hunziker K’18 and Isaac Fadden K’17 not pictured (Van Forsman / The Index)

On Friday January 15, the new Student Funding Board held elections for the Kalamazoo College student body to vote in its new members. Through the online voting system the seven new members of the board were voted in.

The Student Funding Board will take part in distributing the Student Activities fee. According to Elyse Tuennerman K’18, who is the Student Funding Board Office Coordinator, “the ultimate goal of the [board] is to allocate our portion of the student activity fee which is broken into certain chunks where one part will now go to student funding.”

There were seven members appointed to this year’s funding board, three Co-Chairs who will run the meetings and take notes and four class representatives, each representing each class. The results of three Co-Chairs are Karina Duarte K’18, Andrew Parsons K’19, and Ian McKnight K’19. The First-Year Representative is Shivani Rana K’19, the Sophomore Representative is Travis Hunziker K’18, the Junior Representative is Isaac Fadden K’17, and the Senior Representative is Dylan Polcyn K’16. Tuennerman’s position will be appointed by Brian Dietz, the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement and the Hicks Student Center.

The Student Funding Board will help Student Organizations apply and receive funding, staying with the proposal through all it’s steps.

“[The plan for now] is to [mark] days in the fall when every [Student Organization] who wants to travel, [for example], will meet in November and figure out how the budget can apply to all of them,” Tuennerman said.

“[We hope] that this board will help alleviate the fear of being rejected that Student Organizations have felt in the past about receiving funding,” Tuennerman continued.

The Student Funding Board will vote on proposals to either approve or reject them based on if they are “fiscally responsible”, have researched the discounts that could be applied, and if they have planned them early enough to receive any and all discounts. The Board aims to make the student activity fee available to everyone.

“It’s important that not only the funds stay in [the] student’s hands but that all the money is accounted for and ready for use,” Duarte, newly appointed Student Funding Board Co-Chair, said. “I hope that the funding board will be able to create an efficient process for StuOrg funding but that also can go beyond the basic tasks of funding and plan ways to create more representative and interactive events and activities for the campus community.”

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Funding Board Becomes Reality