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Freshman 15, Senior 0

Upon entering her first year at Kalamazoo College, Madison Triplett K’19 knew she wanted to be involved in a few extracurricular activities as a way to make friends, stay active, and gain out of the classroom knowledge. She joined K’s dance team, worked at Maple Street, and maintained a good rapport in good academic standing as a Posse Scholar. At the end of fall quarter, she knew these three would not be enough.

“I found myself having more free time than time used constructively. I gave to the realization that I needed to be more active in the K community, join more clubs and stay engaged,” Triplett said.

Working tirelessly around the clock asking around to find clubs and organizations of interest, she joined BSO and intramural volleyball. Triplett exceeded in volleyball and there was no other student at K who could challenge Triplett. She was a force to be reckoned with.

“Although I was involved in five extracurricular activities, I still had time to find another,” Triplett said.

At this moment, Triplett realized her calling was in theatre as she performed in the plays put on by the Amateur Theatre Club. She soon became a star and yearned to be on Broadway. Triplett found that while six extracurricular activities consumed all her time, she saw being this involved was very enriching.

While first-years at K tend to overbook themselves, seniors are experiencing quite the opposite. Jasmine Charter-Harris K’16 experienced the same thing Triplett did when she was a first-year.

“I joined as many things as I could to try to engage and challenge myself. Sophomore and junior year I realized being involved isn’t all its cracked up to be. Now, I’m a senior and I have an abundance of time and I love it,” Charter-Harris said.

This year, Charter-Harris has had time to learn the trade of underwater basket weaving, new swim techniques in Developmental Swimming class, and she has even taken up a cooking class.

“Once my SIP was complete, I really had so much time left on my hands. Classes were not hard, so my friends and I just joined as many activities as possible,” Charter-Harris said.

According to Charter-Harris, professors barely expected Seniors to come to class on time. “Senior year is great, look forward to all the time you will have left on your hands,” Charter-Harris said.

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Freshman 15, Senior 0