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Foster Carrots to Tour This Winter

Foster Carrots performing (via Felix Donate-Perez) Foster Carrots performing (via Felix Donate-Perez)

One day Felix Donate-Perez K ‘19 bought a guitar and started a songwriting project. Just a little over a year later, his band Foster Carrots is about to spend winter break touring the Northeastern US. Sometimes Donate-Perez plays alone and sometimes friends join him, if they are available on the day of a show.

“I have lots of really talented friends who give their time and effort to the project,” Donate-Perez said. “It’s me or a cellist, or a violinist, or an oboist, or a drummer or a bassist. It’s mostly sentimental songwriting that’s all about personal experience about relationships, trauma, abuse and gender and all that fun stuff.”

Donate-Perez came up with the name of the band while sitting in a junior English class. He was trying to think of good band names when Foster Carrots popped into his head.

“I was doodling on some paper and was like, oh that works,” Donate-Perez said. “It kinda just hit me. It came out of how I was going through some serious stuff and Foster Carrots is a good pun.”

Foster Carrot’s third tour starts in Western Massachusetts where Donate-Perez will be recording a record. He’ll then tour in D.C. and Virginia before heading up to Maine. He is travelling with his partner from another band, Holy Shadows.

“All these shows are Do-It-Yourself type of shows, so you play in community spaces or houses and they donate to us,” Donate-Perez said. “Usually we get [enough] gas money to make a little bit of money, but it just depends on the show. It’s completely independent. The shows really make or break whether or not the tour is successful.”

The first Foster Carrots tour was right after Donate-Perez graduated from high school; he took the Megabus. On his second tour in August, right after he turned 18, half of his travels were on the Greyhound and the other half in a car.

“That tour was really great because the shows were amazingly promoted and well booked and really well paying,” Donate-Perez said. “That tour kinda spoiled me. The Midwest tour was a great experience, but it was a little disheartening because not many people knew me yet in the Midwest. This tour is going to be different because it’s going to be cold and we’re going to have a car.”

Donate-Perez wants to be an elementary or middle school teacher, but is open to the possibility of a music career.

“It’s very much something I’m passionate about and if things go well that’d be cool, but also I’m not banking on it,” Donate-Perez said. “It’s something I do to express myself and gives me a sense of community I didn’t have before.”

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Foster Carrots to Tour This Winter