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Football Team Falls Just Short of Record

A metaphor for this past football season [Photo and loss courtesy of Alma Scots]

On Nov. 4, 2017, Kalamazoo College students were devastated by the outcome of the game against Rockford University Ill — a solid win for the Hornets. This game put an end to the record-setting year that K College football was having.

“It was such a disappointment to see a 1 replace that 0 in our record,” said star quarterback Tom Rodgers ‘23.

The disappointment got to some players more than others. The strangest thing happened where some of them decided they wanted to play even harder after that game. Overall, the attitude still seemed pretty negative.

“I am surprised that the team gave up so quickly after that game,” Rodgers says exasperated. “We still have one more game and they are all walking out except for the backups.”

This phenomenon is not uncommon when there is nothing left to play for. The ones that stick around are the ones with positive attitude and want to play. Those players that do not normally get to play also will get the chance to start. With the season coming to a close, this is what has happened with K’s football team.

“I was surprised how quickly the attitude could change after a close game like that. We were in it until the end,” said head coach PJ Flock.

In the end that one would remain the only thing that stood in the way of an imperfect regular season. Now the season doesn’t have any meaning, as the neighboring college accomplished this feat a year ago. Nothing will have come of this 1-9 season except for extreme disappointment in all factors.

This has happened the past few years and there is talk that there might be funding cuts for football. The field that is currently their home may soon become the home of soccer or lacrosse. The disappointment can be heard throughout the college. On game days, Kalamazoo College is reminded of the failure of the football team to make something happen by the boom of the cannon coming from Waldo Stadium, the home of the WMU Broncos.

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Football Team Falls Just Short of Record