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First Year Profile: Jared Pittman ‘20

Pittman on the field. Photo courtesy of Jared Pittman. Pittman on the field. Photo courtesy of Jared Pittman.

Jared Pittman played football for Muskegon High School before K. Pittman was excited about the prospect of coming to Kalamazoo College and playing football because of recent graduates from Muskegon High School, like Brandon Johnson-Smith ’17 and Quincy Crosby ’17, who were also a part of K’s football program and served as a positive role models for Pittman.

“The type of football we played at Muskegon is not that much different from D3 [Kalamazoo] College,” Pittman said. “It’s about the same amount when it comes to time consumption. But, here, there is more importance on meetings to visually see and correct your mistakes.”

Pittman felt that K fit his level of athleticism and could challenge him academically, and he still holds to that truth as Pittman was able to start in a game as a first year while handling his classes.

Pittman hopes to continue to make an impact on the football field throughout his college career. “Winning games will come, it’s just going to take patience and an unquestionable work ethic in the off season,” Pittman said.

“Coming where I come from, the season is never over. This is the time where you put in the work in to win. I plan to continue to work out and better myself for next season while working with my teammates to take the off season serious so we can see the results come next September.” Pittman concluded.

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First Year Profile: Jared Pittman ‘20