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First Year Hopes to Fight Crime with Science

Zoe Jurgenson (Rachel Carson / The Index) Zoe Jurgenson (Rachel Carson / The Index)

Do you remember constantly being asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It was a simple question back then, usually answered with a simple response– like being an astronaut, for example. We chose literal out-of-this-world jobs without knowing the means of how to achieve that profession. Some kids actually end up following their passions despite the hardships to get there. Some kids want to be doctors to save lives, some want to be firefighters to be heroes, and some want to be officers to solve crimes, like Zoe Jurgensen K’19.

If you asked Jurgenson when she was in elementary school about her future, she would have said she wanted to own a bookstore café. She loves the idea of providing a peaceful environment of relaxation and reading in a cozy space. It wasn’t until high school when Jurgensen took a chemistry course and realized her true calling.

When Zoe grows up, she wants to be a chemical forensic officer: a chemist who uses her science background to help solve crime.

“I’m gonna solve murders with my big genius science mind,” Jurgensen said.

Majoring in chemistry at Kalamazoo College may not be simple, but Zoe is motivated to use her passion and prowess for chemistry to help others and earn a shiny badge along the way. She enjoys watching CSI, Law and Order, and Criminal Intent on TV.

Aside from chemistry, Zoe loves small gestures. “I do things just because that’s what I would want done to me, but I don’t always expect people to reciprocate the same thing,” Jurgensen said.

For her past birthday, she asked for friends for a letter as her gift. Zoe likes letting people know she cares.

“I love giving people gifts and surprising them with things,” Jurgensen said, “but I never expect anything in return.”

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First Year Hopes to Fight Crime with Science