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First Year Athletes Impress Early in Season

Freshmen athletes may not always have the same reverence for sports as veteran athletes at the collegiate level, but it does not stop them from providing a new perspective. According to them, watching fellow Kalamazoo College students play a game can be an engaging activity. Though the sport may vary, all freshmen athletes want more student interest.

Football player Shon Powell K’18 chuckled as he explained his position on the team, “I play waterboy, equipment manager, and part-time running back.” Powell’s humorous and easygoing personality on and off the field may have come from the fact that he has 14 brothers and sisters. He said he wants to see the low student attendance at football games change, “[attendance] would change the energy of our team and bring some wins to our community.”

Lacrosse player Katie Johnson K’18 said attending games and spectating can be participatory too. “[Lacrosse] is a great game to watch with a group of friends because there is so much happening,” Johnson said, “you need more than one set of eyes so you don’t miss anything.”

Basketball player Jimmy Paprocki K’18 said, “seeing the stands full would be amazing knowing so many students care about [our] teams.” Paprocki comes to the court this winter at a towering 6’8”. He said, “the constant action of the game lets the crowd go wild whenever they want.” He is a skilled euchre player and he often helps his peers in Economics, but is mostly known for his basketball playing ability. When he plays during the frigid winter season, students will cheer on the newest members of the K basketball team.

With football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring, students can attend at least one sporting event for each academic quarter. A student section to support them, they say, will make all the difference for these freshmen athletes.

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First Year Athletes Impress Early in Season