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Film Club Premieres at K

When first-year students Gabe Stanley and Con Currall arrived at K only nine months ago, the college boasted of over seventy registered organizations for students to join and become active in. They found it curious, then, that among those seventy student organizations, not one was devoted to the study of film. Thus, the two decided to form one of their own.

“[It] started mostly out of a surprise that there wasn’t [a film club] on campus that had been made already. There are a fair amount of people that enjoy watching films for more than entertainment value, who want to analyze what they just saw, and it made sense to create a platform for that kind of discussion,” said Stanley.

What resulted was the Kalamazoo College Film Club, the main goal of which Stanley describes as “forming a collective of people seeking to analyze and discuss movies in all manners, from things like cinematography and scriptwriting to addressing the questions left unanswered by the end of a film.” He adds that “we also wish to apply the study of techniques used in filmmaking learned from analysis to create a film of our own within the Kalamazoo community.”

Meetings are once a week and last a few hours, consisting of an introduction to that evening’s film, a screening, and a discussion to follow. Though films to be shown and discussed are typically chosen by one or both of the club founders, Stanley insists that the suggestions of new members are always considered and put to a vote. He goes on to specify that “we want to show movies that can be read into by questioning of concepts within, the purpose behind camera work, exceptional scriptwriting, or any other number of factors that allow a film to be more deeply analyzed.” Appropriately, the club’s very first screening was of Mike Nichol’s 1967 comedy-drama The Graduate.

As one of the newer student organizations on campus, much about the Kalamazoo College Film Club is still in the works. Leadership structure, for instance, is not set in stone, but the founding members of the club seem to prefer it that way. Instead, the focus has been more on what the club can do, rather than who will be the one to lead it.

“While the club continues forming, leadership mainly consists of basic club construction and structural development within the club as well as presentation of films and the facilitation of discussion,” Stanley said.

The Kalamazoo College Film Club is open to all students, no matter their background in film study. Meetings are held in Bissell Theater every Thursday at 7:30PM, and anyone interested is strongly encouraged to attend.

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Film Club Premieres at K