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Feeling Nothing but The Bern

Senator Bernie Sanders (via cnbc.com) Senator Bernie Sanders (via cnbc.com)

If you have stepped out of your room in the last month that school has been in session, you’ve probably been bombarded with Bernie Sanders campaign memorabilia and every type of pun imaginable involving “Bern.”

This, however, is a good sign that the campus is taking one of the many candidate’s presidential campaign very seriously, which is important considering that the primaries are coming up in a few months.

As for the other 19 candidates, the few times their names ever come up are in direct contrast with how much better Bernie is. That is understandable seeing as a majority of students on campus are more left than right, and many are even more left than moderate.

But in order to have a fair and balanced idea of who to vote for it is a good idea to know more about the opponents no matter how ridiculous their policies may seem at surface level.

Learning about the other choices can only improve your idea on who to vote for come 2016. For instance, if Sanders were to not get the vote to be in the primaries and Hilary Clinton did, it is possible people would be clueless on her stances as they’ve been blinded by the Bern.

This does not only apply to the Democrat candidates. Knowing both sides of the story is best for making an educated choice.

It would be beneficial if College Republicans and Kalamazoo’s Republicans club, as well as K Dems and Kalamazoo’s Democrats club, could advertise and promote their candidates more prominently on campus. Sessions dedicated to getting students information about the candidates would benefit both the Democrats and Republicans on campus.

Last Monday, Oct. 5, Ted Cruz had a rally in Kalamazoo. I was unaware of it until a week before, and I don’t think many other people even knew. If it were a Bernie Sander’s rally, I feel like I would hear about it nonstop for the three months leading up to it.

This disparity between the levels of presence of different presidential candidates on campus is saddening to say the least. Even if a person were not interested in voting Republican, or even voting for Clinton, having the knowledge to know why these candidates don’t work for you is just as important as decorating your backpack with “Feel the Bern” stickers.

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Feeling Nothing but The Bern