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Excess Snow Leads to Extra Work

With Kalamazoo College closed due to weather conditions on January 9th, many students enjoyed the fortunate snow day and took the time to relax. This was not the case for essential employees in the President’s Office, Dinning Services, Security and Facilities Management [FacMan] who should up to work to make sure campus is run smoothly.

The decision for the cancellation was made by the President’s Office and FacMan because they felt due to the snow, temperature and wind conditions they would not be able to make campus accessible.

FacMan’s nine employees, which includes the Grounds Crew, student employees and Victor Garcia, Grounds  worked hard to make sure that walk ways were clear so that student could have meals in the Dining Hall. HVAC [heating, ventilating, and air conditioning] also made sure all the residence halls were warm.

The clearing of the snow was possible due to the use of three snow plows, one of them being borrowed from Robert Townsend, Recycling Coordinator.

“There was a significant snow fall and the main question is where to put it?” said Paul Manstrom, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management.

Since this week is supposed to be snow free, so there is time to clean up the excess snow that is in the parking lot of the Athletic Field Complex.

“Our biggest issue is not clearing walks or driveways but it’s what to do with the snow,” said Manstrom.

All the 50 employees who were scheduled to work in the Dining Hall on Friday arrived at work since it was open for meals. The Richardson Room [Stacks] and The Book Club were closed.  Lindsay Carr, Marketing Lead for Dining Services, said the “Production of the meals weren’t slow, but breakfast was [slow] since students were sleeping in. We did a sixth of our usually numbers.”

The Dining Hall always remains open on snow days as long has there are a substantial amount of students on campus. “We are here to serve faculty and students and are determined to make sure food is here on campus,” said Carr.

Security didn’t have any unusual reports besides opening doors and clearing cars that were trapped in the storm. They also sent out the K-Alert that notified students, faculty and staff about the snow day.

“[Security] is the main contact person since we call the police and the hospital in case of an emergency,” said Eric Wimbley, Director of Security.

Three people worked on Friday, with one person working each eight hour shift since security is opened 24 hours.

“Our main goal is to make ourselves available for students and that they call us when they need resources,” said Wimbley.

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Excess Snow Leads to Extra Work