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EnvOrg and Student Commission Reach Day of Gracious Living Water Compromise

At last Monday’s Student Commission meeting, there was an initiative for StuComm to reach a solution on the previous conversation of having single-use water bottles at Day of Gracious Living (DOGL).

It was decided earlier that StuComm would respect EnvOrg’s wishes to not provide single-use water bottles due to negative environmental effects it would cause. One solution reached was utilizing the large Gatorade jugs owned by the athletic department. However, the issue of how the water will be distributed and with what containers concerned StuComm and EnvOrg.

Earlier in the week, StuComm had sent a representative, Amanda Johnson ’17, to an EnvOrg meeting to come up with multiple options that would be presented at the StuComm meeting, and later voted on.

The StuComm meeting began with multiple EnvOrg members making public comments on behalf of more sustainable solutions for DoGL, and urging StuComm to think of the potential impact the campus would have if support were shown for environmental stewardship.

The options were presented, and concerns were raised by various StuComm members about the logistics of certain options, such as transportation, waste management, sanitation, and sustainability.

Ultimately, all concerns were taken into account on both sides, and a decision was reached to collect 250 cups from around campus and from Kalamazoo College Dining Services and StuComm would purchase 250 designated sustainable cups.

The StuComm meeting ended with K senior and President of EnvOrg Emma Dolce ’14, expressing her concern for StuComm to take a more active role in sustainability on campus, and to become more aware of various actors on campus who share this concern as well.

As DoGL approaches, StuComm will also be encouraging students to bring their own reusable water bottles to minimize waste at the beach.

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EnvOrg and Student Commission Reach Day of Gracious Living Water Compromise