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Double-Majors are More Possible than You’d Think

It is common to find K students taking a wide range of courses or declaring to specialize in two fields of study.

Janay Johnson’17 did not come to K planning to double major.

“I was recommended by a friend to take Dr. Shreena Gandhi’s religion class my freshman year. I ended up taking another class with her and realizing a passion for religion that I did not originally think I had. I highly suggest students give religion a try, even as a minor,” said Johnson .

Students may be pleasantly surprised with a certain subject or department when branching out from their normal schedules.

“My other major is psychology, and that is what I want to go to graduate school for,” said Johnson.

Choosing one subject to further specialize in is a beneficial route to take when deciding to double major.

At K, taking a foreign language is a requirement. Sophomore Maribel Blas’17 is taking advantage of these required classes.

Blas is fluent in Spanish and English, and hopes that a major in French from K will help her master a third language.

“I love languages,” Blas said. “I think it’s a positive thing to double major if you are interested in both areas of study.”

Blas came to K with the mindset to double major in Psychology and French.

“It’s good to develop a plan for your course of action to double major,” said Blas. “That way it doesn’t seem impossible.”

A K student who will successfully complete her two majors is Audrienne Murray’15. Murray will successfully complete a major in both Business and French this June.

“I chose to double major because I was passionate about both as well as them being compatible areas of study as a second language is very valuable going into business,” said Murray.

If a student feels that another interest relates with their main focus of study, double majoring may be a good idea.

“The workload is manageable. There are somewhat less opportunities to take classes outside of my majors, but they’re not overwhelming,” said Murray. “I still find plenty of ways to have a social life and having two majors helps me better manage my schedule, and if they do prove too much, remember that you’re free to change it to a minor or drop it.”

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Double-Majors are More Possible than You’d Think