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Doc Film Fest Showcases Ten-Week Evolution

Kalamazoo College’s Documentary Film Festival will shed light on the many creative minds in the student body crafting stories out of film.

Taking place in Dewing 103 on June 2 and 3, the festival will showcase work from students in Intro and Advanced Documentary Film classes. It is an important platform for students to illustrate what they can accomplish through film.

Different films from both classes will premier each night, allowing the larger student body to witness their peers’ talents in the documentary field.

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of the students’ work this year,” said Media Producer/Instructor Dhera Strauss. “There is a great sense of maturity to their work.”

Through a refined selection process, the students choose which of their films would best display their vision, a crucial decision that increases the quality of the festival. The chosen films evoke many stories, both personal and communal. Although disparate in theme and subject matter, the each film tells a story and displays the students’ evolution into talented filmmakers.

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Doc Film Fest Showcases Ten-Week Evolution