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Di/Re Investment Hosts Forum at Arcus Center

Editor’s Note: Greta Herrin is a contributor from Kalamazoo College DI/RE Investment, a movement pushing the College to move out of fossil fuels and into more sustainable energy.

Di/Re Investment aims to refocus Kalamazoo College’s investment methods away from companies who profit from extractive industries like coal, oil and gas and reinvest the money into companies that promote sustainable energy.

To kick off the second year of their campus-wide campaign, Di/Re Investment is hosting “The Social Injustices of Climate Change,” at the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership (ACSJL) on Wednesday, Nov. 5. This event consists of three presentations, including the Di/Re Investment organizers: Dr. Jennifer Einspahr, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of Political Science Department; and Dr. Ahmed Hussen, the Edward and Virginia Van Dalson Professor of Economics and Business.

“The motivation for this event, is to highlight the reasons why continued failure of climate negotiations is due to the reluctance of the industrialized countries to accept their responsibilities for slowing global warming in ways that respects equity and proportionality,” said Dr. Ahmed Hussen.

The six organizers, Shannon Haupt ‘15, Nate Feuerstein ‘14, Asia Morales ‘14, Emily Kowey ‘17, Bronte Payne ‘14, and Greta Herrin ’17 hope to promote and maintain the college’s ideology of social and environmental progressiveness as well as make a national statement towards other universities about environmental stewardship and responsibility.

The presentations will focus on the social justice dimension of climate change and students actions on the matter. An open Q&A discussion with all presenters will follow immediately after, giving students, faculty and staff the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about climate change, Di/Re Investment, or the intersectionality between social injustice and climate change.

This event is the first of many that Di/Re Investment is hosting this year. They will be starting the Ribbon Campaign on Thursday, Nov. 13.

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Di/Re Investment Hosts Forum at Arcus Center