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Let it Out!

Frelon Dance Number

Dozens of students and parents flooded Dalton Theater this past weekend to watch fellow classmates “Let It Out!” through dance. Twice a year, Frelon Dance Company, one of the largest and most popular student organizations at K, welcomes any student or student organization to choreograph or participate in a dance — whether they have been dancing for years, or have never danced at all.

In this fall’s show, dances did not make up all of the acts — three poetry readings were also included. In total, there were 16 performances with a wide range of styles represented. Some dances had a mixed style, such as the Director’s Dance. Some other styles include jazz, hip-hop, KPOP and Bollywood.

The first act opened with an introduction to the show and a dance by the directors. Acts between ranged from serious and emotional to fun and upbeat. Act I included two students who had written a poem and performed it alone on stage. Following acts included dances in contemporary and jazz, Bhangra and hip-hop. It also included an energetic performance from K-Cheer and the Kalamazoo College Dance Team.

While Cirque du K set up for their act, the directors held a dance contest for anyone in the audience who wanted to participate. Participants received a free t-shirt, and so did lucky audience members who caught a t-shirt that the directors threw. Cirque du K finished off the first act with a mesmerizing duet performance on the ropes.

On Saturday, the first act after intermission was unable to perform due to technical difficulties, but the show went on. The second act included international styles such as Bollywood, KPOP and Qawaali, as well as swing, hip-hop and emotional storytelling dances. Act II also included a group poetry reading titled “Grinding” by the student organization Women of Color Alliance. The show finished strong with a dance titled “Bollywood.”

Frelon is now looking for students who are interested in choreographing a piece for the spring show. Interested students can email Jay Young at JayLashay.Young.15@kzoo.edu.

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Let it Out!