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Council of Student Representatives: Meeting Recap

The Kalamazoo Council of Student Representatives convened on October 11 for their second official meeting since being elected by students.

At the beginning, a long voting process about who should write the bylaws for the Council occurred. Representative Amanda Johnson ’17, posed that two members write the bylaws. Johnson equated this to writing a group paper in class, stating that it’s easier to have two people writing a paper rather than a larger number of group members because schedules, ideas, and writing styles will better coincide.

The motion to vote and discussion that followed concluded that there should be no number limit as to which Representatives will write the bylaws. The majority of Representatives felt it more important to include everyone who wanted to write the bylaws to make sure each Representative who wanted to be heard in this area could do so.

The rest of the discussion focused around the power of the Council. It was very unanimous that each representative’s ideal is to advocate for students. In other words, these representatives were chosen by students to “expand the influence of student voice on campus,” according to their mission’s statement.

Emily Finch ’17 stated at the meeting that in the past, students and student organizations didn’t routinely notify the old Student Commission about various needs, so a better method of finding student and student organization’s needs is imperative.

“The main job is to communication with students,” Finch said.

The facilitator of the meeting, Kriti Singh ’17, recognizes that right now, the student sentiment around The Council of Student Representatives is unsure of its purpose and what they can actually accomplish for students.

“Once we [Student Representatives] set our groundwork, our purpose and direction will be more clear,” Singh assured.

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Council of Student Representatives: Meeting Recap