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Council of Student Representatives: Meeting Recap

Council of Student Representatives 2016 [Janelle Grant / The Index]. Council of Student Representatives 2016 [Janelle Grant / The Index].

“We need to make sure we have a voice that we’re representing,” Chris Cribbs ’18, Student Council Member, said at the third meeting of the Council of Student Representatives.

As the Council convened, the topic of how to strengthen the voice of K students was commonly interwoven. Representative Emma Eisenbeis ’17 stated that the Representatives should be able to make themselves visible, through proposed apparel with a logo for recognition, and then students can see who their new representatives are around campus and know who to approach with questions and concerns.

“[The apparel would be] purely visible, not elitist, it’s just to know that we [Student Representatives] are available,” Eisenbeis said.

Other than just knowing who to contact by who often wears apparel signifying that they are a part of the Council, Representatives Karina Duarte ’18 and Emily Finch ’17 suggested that students and student organizations could use an electronic forum or a general e-mail address incase students could not attend weekly Council meetings.

The Council voted that there will be no “office hours” held by Representatives like in previous years, but the communications committee must decide what type of electronic communication is best and it will be their responsibility to create that channel.

In regard to the general e-mail account, Representative Ian Freshwater ’19, suggested that if an email account becomes the mode of electronic communication, it is necessary for Representatives to frequently check and reply to e-mails to assure students that the issue will be discussed.

For students and student organization leaders who find it important to bring their issue to light during the official meetings, they still are welcomed to do so. Representative Jose Lopez ’17 sees merit in students physically attending meetings so that they can share their concerns and ideas. Lopez urged the Council that they need to decide how much floor-time to give students so that each concern or idea can be discussed thoroughly and effectively.

To end the meeting, Student Representatives shared general overviews of the Board of Trustee Committee meetings that they attended during Homecoming Week. Representatives shared that there will be a new admissions space in the works and that the construction for a new natatorium must be halted due to price inflation since “many of our donors are giving to scholarship funds and not brick and mortar,” Representative Ian McKnight ‘19 concluded.

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Council of Student Representatives: Meeting Recap