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Con: Feminism Isn’t About Equality For All Genders

Editor’s Note: This is the Con argument in The Index’s Pro-Con debate on feminism.  To read the Pro, click here.

I am not a feminist.

You’d think that as a subject of abuse, I would stand firmly behind the women’s rights movement, but instead I stand behind justice.

I’m against domestic violence, sexual harassment, and the wage gap. The constitution was written on the values that “all men are created equal,” or all of mankind should be respected as equals. I agree with equal rights for all genders.

Feminism’s technical definition is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” This was past feminism, breaking the grounds of oppressive issues, such as women’s right to vote.

However, today’s version of feminism doesn’t support equality. Women do indeed have plenty of benefits over men that are hypocritical to the original ideals of women’s equality.

Women in danger have safe houses in their neighborhoods, whereas a man in danger is told to “man up” and deal with it.

A woman is guaranteed to gain custody of her kids over their father, unless she is deemed unfit.

If a man and a woman commit the same crime, the woman will have a lesser penalty.

We have subsidized counseling and legal care, simply because we are women.

It’s acceptable for me to cry and be vulnerable, but not a man. I can hit a man, but he cannot hit me.

Third-wave feminists are creating a world of reverse sexism, stereotyping men as predators to women.

Several of my male friends have told me that a woman has or has tried to take advantage of them while they were under the influence. It’s not just a problem for women. It’s a problem for everyone.

With affirmative action, I am more likely to be accepted into a university than a man with the same, or better, credentials.

If feminism aims for a world that is indeed equal, I shouldn’t receive a job over a man who is more qualified. I shouldn’t be accepted into a school with a 3.6 GPA, as opposed to my male friend who has a 4.0, just because I’m a woman and the school needs to fill a quota.

I shouldn’t be granted the rights to a democracy, but not the burdens of enlisting.

Today’s feminists use their sex as an excuse to get benefits from society.

If feminists were truly trying to make the genders equal, they would take care of problems that affect both genders, not hold men up to societal standards and hypocritically demand social benefits.

If feminists were trying to empower women, they wouldn’t play the victim of society. They wouldn’t demonize men and blame them for their problems.

They would take responsibility for their actions and be held accountable for them, just like men are.

If feminists were trying to liberate women, they’d try to solve the actual problems in the world, like the sex selective abortions and adoptions in India and China. They’d work to raise the literacy rates in Nigeria. They’d push for the women’s right to drive in Saudi.

I am not a third-wave feminist. I am a woman who believes in equality. There is a difference.

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Con: Feminism Isn’t About Equality For All Genders