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Commission Self-Evaluates, Plans for Future

Student Commission President Cameron Goodall ‘15 began Monday night’s Commission meeting with a ‘Kafstravaganza’ report.

“All things considered, we did a good job—it was our first event, so there are always going to be little things, but it’s huge,” Goodall said.

The special event, staffed by Student Commissioners in Welles Dining Hall, was designed to be a community-builder for students across grade-levels.

Goodall, along with Secretary of Communications Skylar Young ‘15, the event’s planner, expressed overall satisfaction with the night’s outcome. Both Goodall and Young appeared to be less than thrilled with the attendance of some commission representatives, however. At least two commissioners missed their shifts due to extended sports practices.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have something else to do,” Young said, “balance is really important, and it’s disrespectful if you’re not following through on your commitments and [being accountable].”

Following this, Secretary of Finance Amanda Johnson ’17 announced the upcoming implementation of a survey for all student organizations that receive funds for off-campus events.  Once put into place, the survey will be filled out one week after each trip in order to gauge the effectiveness of the funding.

Johnson then gave an update on the progress of the Kolors of K mural project, the Commission’s 2013-2014 Innovation Fund recipient.

According to Johnson, the planned mural cannot be hung at its planned spot on the western wall of Welles Dining Hall until it is approved by the College’s Public Art Board.  Johnson encouraged commissioners to stress the importance of the project to K’s Board of Trustees at their upcoming quarterly dinner.

“From what I’ve heard, the Board of Trustees has quite a bit of influence [over the Public Art Board],” she said.

During general committee reports, Secretary of Records Emily Sklar ‘15 expressed her intent to work with the Constitutional Integrity Committee on more nuanced language for the Athletic Committee’s section of the Commission Constitution. The section currently stipulates that one male and one female must sit on the committee. Sklar’s planned revision would make the section’s language accommodating to those who do not fit within the gender binary of male and female.

Toward the meeting’s end, the Commission elected first-year Brandon Lopez, the sole member of the Dining Services Committee, to be its chair.

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Commission Self-Evaluates, Plans for Future