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Commission Passes Student Budgets and Resolution

The Student Commission approved two budget requests at their weekly Monday night meeting.

The first expenditure, $1,545 for the Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA), was requested to cover fees for conference attendance next weekend at St. Louis University.

While discussing the request, senior commissioner Alex Werder expressed his concerns with funding the request—namely the role of the Student Commission in paying for student groups to go to conferences off-campus.

“It’s in line with my general feeling about StuComm being the source for conference funding,” Werder said. “Whenever a group goes off campus there’s always the question of what impact there will be back on campus.”

While funding for off-campus trips like APISA’s may come increasingly from other sources in the future, to sophomore commissioner Samantha Weaver, Monday’s request deserved Commission funding.

“Right now it doesn’t feel like there’s another option for funding for them,” Weaver said.

After discussion came to a close, the Commission voted to approve the $1,545 request.

Monday’s second budget proposal came from StuOrgs Love Your Own Way and Cirque du K, who are planning a “rope suspension show” for Saturday of Tenth Week. Senior commissioner and FPC member Will Guedes expressed his reservations with the request.

“The magnitude of the event and how much effort has been put into letting the student body know about it—I don’t see it being very balanced in that sense,” Guedes said.

Sophomore commissioner Jose Lopez was concerned about the possibility of poor attendance during the weekend before exams, but Werder saw it as an opportunity for the Commission to help spread word about the event.

“If we choose to fund this, then we have a chance to really put our mouths where our money is,” he said. “We can all help spread the word—tell our friends and go ourselves.”

Following discussion, the Commission voted to approve $3,520 for the event.

Before the meeting’s close, the Commission voted to approve a resolution drafted by sophomore commissioner Melissa Erikson in partnership with first-year commissioners Georgie Booker and Elyse Kaplan.

The resolution “calls upon the Michigan Legislature to pass HB 5691 that will protect unpaid interns in the State of Michigan from sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace by amending the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, and expanding the definition of “employee” to include unpaid interns.”

According to Erikson, the bill is in solidarity with “the Associated Students of Michigan State University, and their fight to end sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct of unpaid interns in the State of Michigan.”

Through passage of the resolution, the Commission also expects to gain public support from the College’s faculty, staff, and administration.

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Commission Passes Student Budgets and Resolution