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CIP Ready to Answer Study Abroad/Away Questions

Now that we’re a few weeks into Spring Quarter, you might be hearing about study abroad/away a little more than usual. This is when campus feels a little more crowded with returning juniors, and you hear a lot more about study abroad from them. Maybe you’re tired of hearing about it, or maybe all this talk has piqued your interest.

Either way, doing a program off campus sounds appealing, right?

Have you ever had questions for the Center for International Programs that you never got around to asking us? Maybe study abroad/away seems so out of reach that you don’t see the need for inquiring. Or perhaps you’ve heard everything you need to hear so coming to talk to us doesn’t seem necessary.

We want you to know that we’re here as a resource to answer your questions. After all, study abroad/away is one of those things you hear a lot of contradicting ideas about, so we can help you sift through those and understand the facts.

Some students might wonder about finances and study abroad/away but have never found out if it’s feasible for them. We can tell you how we try to make study abroad accessible. Others might be confused about requirements for certain programs, so we can help you understand which programs might be a good fit for you.

Whatever your question might be, we’d love to help you figure it out

That’s why, instead of you coming to us, we’re coming to you! During 5th week on Wednesday and Thursday during lunch, the CIP will be tabling in Hicks. Come ask us anything!

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CIP Ready to Answer Study Abroad/Away Questions