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CIP Offers Updates on Study Abroad

Waiting to hear back from the Center for International Programs for a final decision can feel stressful. Associate Director for the CIP Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Ph.D. and Peer Advisor Hannah Jones ’11, gave updates on the CIP’s timeline and some programs.

It’s noted that some students believe many programs are over capacity. “I think it turned out a lot differently than what students suspected,” said Wiedenhoeft. Scotland, Denmark, and Japan (Waseda University) were said to be competitive. This is when a second option comes into play. Wiedenhoeft said that there are ample noncompetitive programs that can be used as a second option. Programs that could be second options are: Thailand, Spain, France, Ecuador and Germany. “[They] will be open,” Wiedenhoeft said.

“It’s always a good idea to have a second option,” Wiedenhoeft said.  “[If denied] we include a list of available programs on the letter. We look at the students’ transcript to see if there’s other programs based on their information that they qualify for.”

Even if you think that you have a good shot of getting in, Senegal, Israel, and Kenya are examples of programs where the program wasn’t at capacity, but circumstances caused for the programs to be cancelled. Jones explained that Peer Advisors are resources for additional planning and questions. “We want to get you abroad if you want to go,” Jones said.

According to Wiedenhoeft, the CIP cannot guarantee everyone who wants to go abroad will because of enrollment limitations and language requirements, but they try their best to get people abroad.

Wiedenhoeft cannot make any promises of when decisions will be public because all program information goes out at once, and some applications may have some extenuating circumstances where students need to come in for additional review. The CIP’s goal is to have decisions out by the end of Winter Quarter, and they note that having your decision before final exams is beneficial, but no concrete dates were able to be shared.

Don’t be too stressed that it seems to be taking a long time to hear back from the CIP, they are just trying to do their job carefully and that takes time. “It’s important to live with that ambiguity because you’ll experience it abroad,” Wiedenhoeft said.

Jones stressed that the letters will eventually come, “try not to stress.” The CIP is located in Dewing, and they welcome any and all questions.

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CIP Offers Updates on Study Abroad