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Chess Club Rises

Check Matey (left) and Stolur Bishop (right) playing a game of chess (Photo courtesy of Chess Club/Student Representative member). Check Matey (left) and Stolur Bishop (right) playing a game of chess (Photo courtesy of Chess Club/Student Representative member).

Since Kalamazoo College’s Student Commission dissolved in the spring of 2015, students have been wondering about the future of governance on campus. Another year has passed, and the Student Government has continued to remain elusive in its plans– until this past week.

An unlikely ally stepped in to help in the absence of a formal government. Members of the Chess Club have been serving as representatives on faculty committees all year.

“Public attendance at our weekly meetings has been better than it ever was for Student Commission,” a Chess Club Member/Student Representative said in an exclusive Buzzkill interview. “I think that we have made some real progress.”

As it turns out, chess players and past Student Commission members are just about equally qualified to govern. “The chess gurus taught us how to play the game with lots of new strategies and moves to make us as efficient as possible,”  Stolur Bishop K’19 said. Bishop joined the Chess Club/ Student Government when he was a First-year and thought he was just signing up for the Chess Club. But through the Chess Club’s affiliation with the Student Government, he was able to get into the strategy planning of both chess and government, that are not so different.

“We never left the student body without anyone to hear their voice, but we needed some time to get reorganized and find new ways to approach the issues facing our campus,” Bishop said.

Joe King K’17 was one of the first of the students to find out about the Student Government’s truth. At first, King was shocked by the lack of information that our Student Government had given us, “I didn’t really understand at first why they would hide like that. But now I’m starting to realize that it might’ve been the best thing for it.”

Check Matey K’18, has been a member of the student government since their first-year at K and has seen a great change in the government. “Though we have been hidden from the public, we have actually gotten a lot done in the way of developing new strategies for reforms for the student body. They may be small achievements but now we are organized enough to step back into the true form of Student Government.”

Matey also expressed their sincere wishes that the student body not hesitate to come to the new and improved Student Government with their concerns and ideas. Chess Club will be held on Friday nights at 8PM.

Buzzkill is The Index’s end-of-quarter satirical publication.

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  1. who are you
    we would like to host a fun chess club meeting at our place which has a giant chess\ set and the indoors great room in which to play with giant chess pieces and a table at the side for conventional chess playing. contact me for possibilities

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Chess Club Rises