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Center for Civic Engagement Welcomes Kururama Sanchez

Sanchez happily engages with Civic Engagement Scholars during the welcome session (Andrew Parsons / Index)

The Kalamazoo College Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) welcomed its newest member last Tuesday during an afternoon reception.

Kururama Sanchez has taken on the title of Program Associate, a multipurpose role that involves “working with the Civic Engagements Scholars and our community partners,” Sanchez described.

“Much of what we do is collaborative, and so it is difficult to say what her exact duties are,” said colleague Kasey Cook. The Post-Baccalaureate Fellow for the CCE continuing by saying, “but [Sanchez] wears lots of different hats.”

“I was looking for a position where I could work within the community,” responded Sanchez when asked about finding her position in the CCE. “Working on social justice issues and getting involved has been something I’ve wanted to do,” she continued.

Sanchez graduated from Western Michigan University last year, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Organizational Communication. While at Western, Kururama actively held speeches on issues ranging from race relations to undocumented student experiences, covering topics such as stereotypes and speaking about how higher education institutions can be more welcoming to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Continuing this work, Kururama interned last year at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and has volunteered with the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo’s Immigration Assistance Program.

The Center for Civic Engagement works through faculty and students to engage communities throughout Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo College students participate in CCE programs, which are coordinated by Civic Engagement Scholars, by working or volunteering as tutors and community support members in elementary schools, at Goodwill, in juvenile detention centers, and other locations throughout Kalamazoo.


Learn more about Kururama Sanchez and the CCE at http://reason.kzoo.edu/servicelearning

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Center for Civic Engagement Welcomes Kururama Sanchez