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Catching Up with K Team

(Left to right) K Team leaders Claire Howland ‘18, Savannah Kinchen ‘18, and Raen Wolmark ‘20 at K Fest this fall. [Courtesy of Savannah Kinchen] (Left to right) K Team leaders Claire Howland ‘18, Savannah Kinchen ‘18, and Raen Wolmark ‘20 at K Fest this fall. [Courtesy of Savannah Kinchen]

With winter weather and midterm season both in full force, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy mind and body. That sort of holistic wellness is exactly what K Team, which leaders describe as “a welcoming, inclusive, and creative community,” wants to help students achieve.

“In a culture that glorifies stress and perfectionism, we want to remind people that it’s okay – and necessary – to take care of yourself,” leader Savannah Kinchen ‘18 said.

K Team offers a wide range of activities to suit all interests, schedules, and levels of fitness – this year’s offerings have included guided meditation sessions, beginner-friendly HIIT workouts, apple-picking trips, and winter hikes at the Lillian Anderson Arboretum. All provide an opportunity for students to escape from the stress of life at K.

This year’s leadership has made it a point to make the organization even more accessible to students who want to practice self-care and wellness through means other than going to the gym.

“I’ve really enjoyed the events that have gotten us out of the gym space,” Karina Pantoja ‘20 said. “I still really enjoy doing workouts and promoting exercise and movement as a form of self-care, but I think it’s also important to create space for self-care outside of the gym, which can be an intimidating space for some individuals”

K Team takes a fluid and inclusive approach to membership; all students are welcome to attend as many or as few events as they would like. Leaders use an open Facebook group to communicate with the student body – not just about upcoming events, but also to share words of encouragement throughout the term.

We wanted to share some more ways to slow down and take care of yourselves amongst the craziness of [college]  you all deserve it,” reads a post from Claire Howland ‘18, which included a list of “ways to cope at K.”

This week’s events include a “just-for-fun” painting event on Wednesday, February 7 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. and a cross country ski trip on Friday, February 9, co-hosted with the Kalamazoo Outdoor Club.

“I really hope people who haven’t had a chance to make any of our events can come join us on this self-care journey, no matter where they are in their own,” Pantoja said.

I just want people at K to know that, even though the organization’s leadership is entirely new this year and the mission statement has shifted from body positivity to self-care, we are here to serve them. That means promoting and encouraging self-care for all bodies and abilities so that K can become a space for self-love.”

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Catching Up with K Team