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Careers in Sports, Always a Possibility

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At Kalamazoo College, the networking opportunities can often seem endless. This was certainly the case on Jan. 29 when the CCPD hosted the Careers in Sports event.

The event hosted several alumni and friends of the College who helped to expose students to the possibility of pursuing a career in the sporting world. Notable guests included Dane Macdonell ’12 from HUMANeX Ventures, Beth Washington ’94 from the Jeter’s Leaders organization, Kalamazoo’s Head Football Coach Jamie Zorbo ’00, and sports broadcaster Mike McCann ’12.

While each speaker had their own stories to tell and own unique professions, the common theme was that they all worked in sports. The event turned out a crowd of 43 people, many of whom were also members of sports teams here at K.

Some of the highlights of the night included alumnus Macdonnel’s story about making it as a higher up at HUMANeX Ventures locally in Kalamazoo. He focuses on the development of student athletes, coaches and teams through research based assessments and development planning. Macdonnel also pointed out that HUMANeX prefers to hire from K as opposed to other colleges.

Both Carrie Bennett ’04 and Zorbo told their stories of the hard work and dedication it took for them to make it into a career in the world of sports. For Zorbo, this included not getting the head-coaching job he wanted right away. Instead, he had to leave K to gain experience at DePauw before he got the head football-coaching job at K during his second time applying.

Although the event was intended for students to enjoy having alumni on campus, the alumni also enjoyed being back on campus with the student body. The final speaker of the event, McCann, said, “It’s surreal, but that isn’t the right word. It’s so humbling to be asked back to speak here.” He currently works as Sports Director of KVRR in Fargo, N.D. where he anchors two shows everyday.

McCann spoke a lot about how well K prepared him for finding a job in sports after college. “Fargo, Syracuse, everything I have in my life I owe to K,” said McCann. It was inspiring speeches like this that showed the audience that pursuing a career in sports is a real opportunity.

Following the speeches, all the guests stuck around to talk to the student audience to offer further advice and create networking opportunities. Coach Jeanne Hess described the night as a great success for all Hornets.

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Careers in Sports, Always a Possibility