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Can You Really Create Your Major?

From Left to Right: Sophomores Janelle Grant, Maribel Blas, and Bianca Delgado on Declaration of Major Day. (Kalamazoo College) From Left to Right: Sophomores Janelle Grant, Maribel Blas, and Bianca Delgado on Declaration of Major Day. (Kalamazoo College)

As a prospective student touring around Kalamazoo College, it is really easy to imagine all of the supposed possibilities that college has to offer. From study abroad to tons of stu-orgs, I was enthralled by all of my prospects, and so were my parents.

Embarrassing at first, my mom asked if there was an option at K to create your own major, similar to the ones advertised at other colleges and universities.

Our tour guide said yes, it is possible to creative a major, all I had to do when officially on campus is talk to the registrar for more information to begin the process.

It sounded so simple, and the prospect of making my own major was a huge attraction to me, since I wasn’t quite sure what I was interested in.

When I became a student and really started thinking about my future, I’m glad the question of creating my own major was brought up.

I knew this was what I wanted, so I decided to be proactive about it. During winter quarter of my freshman year, I made an appointment with the registrar. The meeting started off inviting, casual, and informative, but it ended with me feeling very disheartened.

I explained that I wanted to create my own major around education, since that was what I was most interested in. They said that it was good I started this process early, because it was going to be a bumpy ride.

She told me that I would need to find a panel of professors to back up my created major and organize a petition, a very daunting feat for a first year.

I suddenly felt completely alone in this endeavor. The message conveyed was that Kalamazoo College didn’t have that certain major for a reason, and there were many hoops to jump though in order for the college to accept my created major.

Even if I did all of the work, it seemed as though my idea would get shut down.

I was surprised because K stresses exploration in the liberal arts, and, as a prospective student, I was told that creating my own major was a very viable option for my future at K.

As a sophomore who just declared a pre-created major, it’s easy to wonder what my future might have been if I had tried to create my own major, jumping through the flaming hoops and, hopefully, not getting burned.

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Can You Really Create Your Major?