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Campus Couple Discusses Home and Work Lives

In Dr. Zaide Pixley’s office surrounded by books and personal photos, she said that once a student told her, “Dr. Fink has the same pictures in his office!”

The adjunct professor of music and Dean of the First Year and Advising laughed while she explained that a lot of students don’t know that her and Dr. Fink, a professor of mathematics, are married.

Their wedding was in 1978, between seventh and eighth week of spring quarter.

“John came (to K College) first,” Pixley said. “Then I came as a trailing spouse. He began working at K in 1975 and she followed in 1985.

These two aren’t the only couple on campus. Jim and Jennifer Langeland, Charlene Boyer Lewis and James Lewis, and Amy Lane and Maksim Kokushkin are among other faculty and staff members who are married to one another.

“We want to be seen as individuals, not a block,” Pixley said of her and her husband. She added that they each function independently and support each other, but have shared goals. They are both committed to their departments, love teaching, and find diversity on campus very important, Pixley said.

“Especially in the last ten years… I’ve worked with more students who are underrepresented,” Fink said.

He and Pixley are working on the same faculty committee for the first time in 30 years.

Fink said that the two have a “fair amount” of talk about work at home.

According to Pixley, the couple sees the school from different points of view, and although they sometimes “butt heads” when talking about the college, she likes that they have their differences.

Although they work in different buildings, Pixley and Fink often have lunch together in the Center for Career and Professional Development workroom or the cafeteria.

“It’s always nice to see Zaide,” Fink said. “I like that.”

He added that he was very happy when she won the Lux Esto Award and joked about how, when her office was in the Fine Arts Building, they could have waved at each other from their offices.

“It’s great to work at the same place,”Pixley said. “It’s fun.”

She went on to discuss the three children she shares with Fink: Andrew, Elisabeth, and Joel. Fink said that with both parents at the same college, his children have a unique understanding of what the academic world is like.

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Campus Couple Discusses Home and Work Lives