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The Caf’s Best Week Ever?

Li Li Huynh K’20 enjoys Thursday night’s “Food Show” in the Caf (Addie Dancer / The Index) Li Li Huynh K’20 enjoys Thursday night’s “Food Show” in the Caf (Addie Dancer / The Index)

Caf food here at K generally receives mixed reviews. That wasn’t so this week, when students were treated to not one, but two stellar nights of above-average eating.

On Wednesday, students enjoyed a relatively unexpected “steak night”, meat cooked any way they asked, served alongside cheesy potatoes and garlic rolls for only the cost of a ticket. Gluten-free student Carmen Compton especially appreciated a break in her usual meal monotony of salads, admitting to helping herself to not one, but two steaks after a friend gave up her ticket.

The following evening, K Dining Services sought to outdo itself by hosting a “Food Show” which was a night of extended menu options and general, bountiful goodness.

“This is kind of overwhelming,” first-year student Kelsey Letchworth said upon entering Welles Dining Hall Thursday night, taking in the lengthy lines that crowded the Caf. “I’m not used to this – there’s so much food.”

Even students like first year Danielle Sarafian, who uses the vast majority of their meal swipes at Stacks, felt compelled to check out what was being served at the Caf after hearing about the menu.

“I got a text from my roommate,” Sarafian said. “She said the food was ‘dope.’ I actually wanted to eat at the Caf for once.”

What awaited Sarafian and others like her included a mashed potato bar, two kinds of chili, numerous meats and pastas, hummus and pita bread, even a mound of muffins in the dessert area. There were also a medley of packaged goods available, including Oreos, carrots and ranch, apple slices, peanut butter crackers, and bottled smoothies. Though David Lincoln, Director of Dining Services, was seen passing out a number of these to dining students, others helped themselves to handful after handful of snacks to take home.

These two instances of above-average food got me so jazzed that I was inspired to reprieve myself from writing another piece on the orange-dusted policies of our Cheeto-in-Chief and instead pose a new kind of opinion for Index readers: Did back-to-back nights of top-notch eating make this the Caf’s best week ever?

The short answer is yes, or at least, the best week of the 2016-2017 school year thus far. Some students could admit to enjoying the Food Show better than Cafsgiving, and in testimony from students like Compton, Letchworth, and Sarafian, it’s clear that these meals were quite a deviation from what is typical – without a doubt, a change for the better.

So will these newfound feats we’ve seen over the past week become the new norm for the Caf? Experience tells us no; immediately after those two magnificent days came a regular, lackluster Friday, in which yours truly subsisted on only a salad. In truth, it’s impossible and unfair to expect every night to be steak night or a food show. Even so, we can hope that this is the start of something more for dining services here at K – more in four, am I right?

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The Caf’s Best Week Ever?