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Business and Economics Club Holds First Meeting

Business and Economics Club holds its first meeting (Tim DeCoursey / The Index) Business and Economics Club holds its first meeting (Tim DeCoursey / The Index)

On Wednesday October 28th in Dewing 305, the Kalamazoo College Business and Economics club met for the first time. This club is held to help all those interested in the field.

At the meeting, a panel of seniors led a discussion about what was required of studying both economics and business. Each of them offered their own approach and a different perspective in the pursuit of the study of economics and business. Each of them also offered advice to the students in attendance on various topics such as how to apply for internships and electing classes for the upcoming quarter. They also shared their experiences as K College students with an interest in economics.

The board in the back of the room was filled with ideas and topics that people in the meeting said they would want to hear and learn more about.

During the meeting, they also discussed having several presentations that people could do in the future.

“Since economics and business are such broad fields, people really can’t get the full picture,” said Grady Schneider K ’16, a co-founder of the Business and Economics club. “The main purpose of this club is to really help students here at K who are interested in economics and business find exactly what they want and help them to pursue it.”

The upperclassmen on the panel also discussed plans to perhaps take field trips down to places such as Chicago or other areas where there are major financial firms. It was also proposed that it would be beneficial to go to other career fairs where there would be more opportunities to get in touch with more business firms and companies.

Siga Kiselius K ‘16, another founder of the club who could not attend the meeting, said that although the club is called the Business and Economics Club, it is not only for students who are business and economics majors.

“It is for anyone who is interested in the subject,” Kiselius said. “The goal of the economics and business club is to provide out-of-class experiences and opportunities.”

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Business and Economics Club Holds First Meeting