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Budget Concerns for StuOrgs Hit Campus

Secretary of Finance Amanda Johnson ‘17 addresses students during a community forum on the future of the Student Commission during Winter Quarter (Robert Manor / The Index)

On April 15th at 4:36PM, through the Hornet Hive and K Webmail, it was stated that a general Financial Forum hosted by StuComm would be held to explain the general finances of where student tuition money is going. The meeting was to be held 24 minutes later. 

Erin Bensinger ‘17, the editor-in-chief of Naked Magazine, stated that, “although they (Student Commission) ran out of money before we requested printing costs for our spring issues, we had a planned concert fall through for reasons unrelated to StuComm and we’re now planning on using that money to cover our printing costs.” Naked Magazine is short on funds for their upcoming Zoo After Dark, but they are hopeful for its outcome regardless. 

With students’ recent decision to suspend non-vital activities, this is a chance for students to get involved in the working groups to better organize finances. Kaplan encourages students to help with the working groups as well as contact her if interested in working with the budget. 

First-year Commissioner, Elyse Kaplan ’18 said, “we have had a low turnout for our meetings [about StuComm’s budget] so far, and would love for more students to join us– this is very important work!” 

Kaplan provided that most of StuComm’s money from this year has been allocated but they are currently trying to find unused funds that StuOrgs ended up not utilizing. 

The budget allocation for StuComm has appeared an ambiguous topic among students, StuOrgs, and StuComm. “I think it would have been nice to get a warning when funds were running low so I could have planned ahead to ask for printing costs, but it doesn’t really matter anyway because things worked out for us,” Bensinger said.

Bensinger expressed that she is thankful for StuComm’s work and understands changes are underway. “I’m thankful to go to a school with so many financial resources for students and organizations,” Bensinger said.

Various StuOrgs leaders and representatives were contacted, but declined to comment on StuComm’s funding. 

“We usually use old stuff in our locker or accept donations instead of dealing with StuComm and the budget,” an anonymous StuOrg leader said.

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Budget Concerns for StuOrgs Hit Campus