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Black Market for Dropping Courses Can’t Seem to Get Off The Ground

Though some College administrators feared that they might need to take action to prevent students from unlawfully selling their spaces in oversubscribed classes, few of the K Student Body Facebook page posts offering “60 bucks if you give me your spot in this chem class” seem to be appealing to students.

Although economists familiar with the subject expected high transaction rates, the 2017-2018 winter term is quickly approaching, and few to no deals are being made. Some experts hypothesize that high student debt and rising tuition is exerting a downward pressure on this once thriving system.

Indeed, across the board, the student body’s Facebook page appears to be struggling to meet student demand efficiently. In an especially tragic case, nobody happened to be driving from Chicago to Kalamazoo last weekend — despite multiple impassioned requests and hard-to-refuse incentives, like “some gas money and chips.”

Some sources speculate that the College may be in the process of signing up for a third college-only tech platform that would allow users to swipe through barter offers from their fellow students. “Wisr and Handshake seem to be doing so well, so it only seems logical to pilot another unnecessary platform with a wise-ass name,” an anonymous source told The Index. “It could have a name like ‘dealr’ or ‘bartr’ or something.”


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Black Market for Dropping Courses Can’t Seem to Get Off The Ground