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Barrett Student Leadership Suite Remodeled

The Leadership Lounge (Andrew Parsons / The Index)

Students passing through the Hicks Center during the first week of winter quarter may have noticed the remodeling activities, which took place over the winter break.

Remodeling began several months ago with the initial installment of the Intercultural Center and completion of the Hicks Kitchen and adjacent conference room.

Immediately after the winter break began, Kalamazoo College’s Facilities Management department worked hard to complete the remaining projects, which included moving the OSI offices and further modifications to the Barrett Living Room, according to Brian Dietz, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement and the Hicks Student Center.

The storage lockers used by Kalamazoo College’s Student Organizations shifted to replace the bulletin boards of the Barrett Student Leadership Suite hallway, leaving their former location against the walls of Barrett Living Room. Also added was a new round table intended to facilitate the need for both a homework space as well as “small group work area” as described by Dietz. The new table is capable of seating six and expands the tabled seating capacity of the Barrett Living Room to 10.

The remodeling project’s goals were aimed at “making a better use of the space,” the space now being “more functional” and a “hub of student activities” continued Dietz.

The decision to remodel the Barrett Student Leadership Suite originated from “ideas which had been brewing over the last few years,” stemming from the “discussions and observations” that core users of the space brought to the Office of Student Development’s attention.

“We want students to feel a sense of ownership over the space,” explained Dietz. “So we looked at how to make it the best for students.”

Within the next week, the new student staff desk opposite the Barrett Living Room will have neared completion.

Additional changes may still take place. The Office of Student Development is currently working with The Index to make the office space more available for student use, and space dividers may become available within the Barrett Living Room.


For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Barrett Student Leadership Suite, contact Brian Dietz at Brian.Dietz@kzoo.edu

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Barrett Student Leadership Suite Remodeled