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Local Barber Shop Offers High-Quality and Outstanding Customer Service

Traditionally, customers have been forced to chose between salons and barber shops for haircuts. While salons have introduced higher levels of professionalism, style and treatment to their customers in recent years, barber shops seem to have fallen onto hard times.

Plain interiors and basic equipment have made these businesses more akin to Super Cuts than to the trusted neighborhood barber of film lore. Jude’s Barber Shop, however, is quickly pulling ahead of these drab locations that have become all too common.

Jude’s Barber Shop has expanded to 22 locations throughout Michigan, including one in Kalamazoo at 4520 West Main. The interior looks like it’s been specifically designed for college-age men. The walls are plastered with posters ranging from Animal House to “The Ramones” to Jack Daniels. It has a touch more of the style that has become the norm with nicer salons.

Jude’s still remains a barber shop, especially in its straight-razor shaves. Some men have avoided these because they’ve seen a lot of mobster movies or watched Sweeney Todd a few too many times, but those who have had them know that they are just delightful.

A movement began to make straight razor shaves illegal in cities through out the U.S. due to unsanitary conditions in barber shops and fears about the spread of HIV/AIDS. These shaves are still legal in Michigan, however, and Jude’s makes the effort to keep things safe and sanitary.

A haircut ranges from $17 to $22 and a face shave goes from $19 to $24. It’s certainly pricier than a ‘hole in the wall’ barber shop, but if you have a little extra cash it’s worth it.

After the initial hair cut, your chair reclines to rest the top of your head in a sink. The barber places a hot towel on your face, covering everything except your nose. While your face relaxes, the barber washes your hair and gives you a head massage. As you’re pampered, the price of the cut suddenly seems a lot less daunting. And at the end of the day, Jude’s gives a top quality hair cut.

So, if reading an issue of People or Cosmopolitan while waiting in line at a salon doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, then save up a little cash and try out Jude’s Barber Shop.

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Local Barber Shop Offers High-Quality and Outstanding Customer Service