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Art professor Dhera Strauss says goodbye to College in June

Dhera and David Strauss with their children and grandchildren. The couple has 7 grandchildren between them. (Photo Courtesy of Dhera Strauss)

Dhera Strauss sat in her office tucked away in the back corner of the library sporting black sneakers and a blue scarf.

For 27 years Dhera has served as K College’s Media producer and Documentary Film instructor. Her time at K will come to an end this June when she retires.

For the past 12 years Dheara has taught Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking, Advanced Documentary Filmmaking and TV Production. Her courses are a part of the art department.

“The art department has been fantastic,” said Dhera, “I needed to be housed in a department. The art department welcomed me with open arms and have been incredibly supportive.”

Dhera will assist in the finding of a new professor to teach the two documentary courses. Jaakan Page-Wood, who has provided a lot of support in the TV Production Course will take over as lead instructor.

During Dhera’s time here the thing that she most enjoyed was the environment and working with the students.

“The students, no question. They’re fun, most of them are engaged and they seem to really enjoy learning about documentary and then making documentary films. I love that,” said Dhera, “I feel like I’m opening worlds to them.”

Along with doing creative work for the college, Strauss has been creating her own documentary films for over 20 years is well acquainted with the documentary film world.

“I have been an independent documentary film maker. That’s outside of working at K, and they support me,” said Dhera.

During her free time Dhera enjoys reading, tai chi, and cooking and traveling to visit her seven grand children.

After retiring, Dhera plans to continue creating her own documentary films as well as travel with her husband, former K History Professor David Strauss.

“I’ll continue in some artistic endeavor,” said Dhera, “I want to explore other avenues too. I’m really excited about taking some new courses, learning some new things, and see where it goes.”

As Dhera looks back on her time here at K she explains what she has gained.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Dhera, “I’ve grown as a person and an artist and I feel a large part of that is the college support to do that.”

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Art professor Dhera Strauss says goodbye to College in June