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Arcadia Brewing: Hands On Craft Beer

Arcadia Brewing Company’s new location will have the same British style hands on approach that the company has prided themselves on for the past 15 years, said Steve Marcial, Arcadia sales representative.

Marcial and Arcadia brew master, Evan Garrett met with about 15 Kalamazoo area community members Tuesday, at the Kalamazoo Eastwood Public Library to discuss Arcadia’s new location and the company’s brewing techniques.

Marcial and Garrett tag teamed the event summarizing the company’s genuine British brewing style and answering the audience’s questions about the company and specifics about the process.

Garrett described how the brewing process allows Arcadia, over time to create a unique flavor.

“What open fermentation allows us to do as we top harvest we can take that yeast and pitch it onto a new batch, said Garrett. “It’s a pretty good process in maintaining our yeast and keeping our cost down and overtime we’ll actually create our own house flavor that follows the flavors and continues to adapt.”

Open brewing compared to modern brewing techniques is a time intensive process that requires more attention and hands on work than modern brewing. Arcadia remains dedicated to the open brewing process but will adapt with the times, said Marcial.

“Still at the core and the heart we’re doing open fermentation, using ring wood yeast, but adapting,” said Marcial.

Self-proclaimed beer lover and audience member, Tom Clemons from Richland, regularly goes to Arcadia in Battle Creek and likes the traditional English style they produce.

“In particular I like Arcadia beers, I like the English style,” said Clemons, “over the years of going to the Battle Creek facility and tasting the various beers that they’ve produced, it is one of my favorite brewery’s in the area.”

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Arcadia Brewing: Hands On Craft Beer