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An Open Letter to Monkapult

The Co-Editors in Chief looking unsure and un-funny. [MaryClare Colombo/The Index]

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  1. Darrell Rogers // December 20, 2017 at 6:19 PM // Reply

    As a K graduate and lifelong student and educator on the topic of organizational change, I believe that a change in leadership is the only pathway to create deep, lasting organizational shifts. There are two ways to accomplish that change: Revolution or Revelation. I use revolution in this context to mean “Throw the bums out” and replace them with better leaders. Revelation is used to mean deep reflection on the part of current leaders who then come to the correct conclusion that THEY are the cause of their organization’s problems and make dramatic changes in their own behaviors. If organizations do change, “revelationary” change is much less likely to be the cause than revolutionary change. Therefore, good on you for having such an important revelation: We’re just not that funny.

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An Open Letter to Monkapult