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Inside View

An Inside View of the Mailroom

(Mary Burnett / Index)

Turn right to your first number. Then turn left, stop on the second number. Turn right one more time to the third number, and open. Sound familiar? It should.

These instructions are for the K College mailboxes. They are framed, printed on bright orange paper and hung throughout the mail area. But what really happens beyond that tiny door? Have you ever heard voices back there? Seen a shadow within the depths of your box? Don’t worry you are not hallucinating. Behind the mailboxes are the mailroom and its staff.

Five-days-a-week Carol Cowper, a 35-year veteran of the K mailroom, perches in the window, ready to assist students. Cowper explains, “On a given day the mailroom receives 550 packages and 50 letters.”

The mail is organized and sorted by the mailroom staff who confirm the receiver’s name with the box number indicated on the envelope and examine the items for damage. Once the items are checked the box numbers are circled, dated, initialed, and finally set in the identified box awaiting your arrival. Do random scribbles on your mail suddenly make sense?

A package receives similar treatment, except for larger items. If the package is too large to fit, a slip is written up and placed in the box to inform the receiver that the package has arrived. A quick visit to the teller window and the mailroom staff will help you swap your slip for your package.

Is your package supposed to have arrived but you don’t have a slip in your box? That means the mail center has not received your package yet, but don’t fret.

“Your package is just as important to us as it is to you. Given the amount of

packages and mail we receive daily we do our best to process your mail in a timely

manner,” says Cowper.

Here are some final tips from the mailroom staff:

  • We do sort all the mail, including your weekly Victoria Secret subscription.
  • We can hear every whispered conversation you have next to your box.
  • We are working as hard and as fast as we can to get your mail to you.

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An Inside View of the Mailroom