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An Addition Made to Hicks Student Center

In August 2015, Kalamazoo College oversaw the building of a kitchen in the Hicks Student Center, Room 113. It lies in between the Security Office and the Department of Student Involvement.

The idea arose in order to help the Intercultural Center, which is situated across from the kitchen, because food is an essential part of many of their programs. It was determined that since the plumbing was already set in that area and to avoid reducing the size of the Intercultural center, that would be the best place to build the kitchen.

Brian Dietz, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement said “[the kitchen is] something that has been requested by students for several years.”

The kitchen consists of a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave, and an abundance of cupboards, a few couches, and a table adorned with chairs. Off to the right of the kitchen is a meeting room with a round table and chairs where students can eat or meet with one another.

The Department of Student Involvement is planning on placing twelve small lockers in the kitchen where students can leave any leftover food or keep their backpacks. In the future they would like to put in a television and a dry erase board in the meeting room as well as curtains, carpeting, and more decorations.

Although the kitchen is locked, it is open to students at any time by using their key cards. The Department of Student Development requests that everyone cleans up after themselves when using the kitchen, and recommends labeling the food left in the fridge. Any other requests regarding the kitchen and possible improvements are welcomed at the Department of Student Involvement.

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An Addition Made to Hicks Student Center