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Ambitious New Student Really, Really into First-Year Forums

As the fall term draws to a close, many new students are scrambling to finish their First-Year Forum requirement. The College mandates attendance at five separate hour-long programs with topics pertinent to first-year students. But Eger Bever ‘21 is far from a procrastinator — in fact, he has been finished with his requirement since the second week of school.

“I would never let something as simple as attending forums affect my seminar grade,” Bever said. “I’d rather be safe than sorry, and spend time at forums instead of hanging out with friends. After all, isn’t college all about getting perfect grades?”

Bever attended at least three forums a week, and even attended one forum six different times. “Thanks to the forums, I’m now pretty solid on what the Center for Career and Professional Development has to offer. They support us through our time here and time after K, so we should support them, too, by attending their forums,” Bever said. The CCPD said they are grateful for students that are knowledgeable and care about their existence.

“Sometimes I was one of only two or three people at the forum,” Bever said. “Those days were the best,  because I really got to know people — it’s hard to make friends outside of class and forums when my 24 hours each day is taken up by class, homework the library, meals, civic engagement programs and forums.”

Currently Bever is a part of seven student organizations, has a 3.8-unit course load and audits three classes. He gets five hours of sleep per night at most, and pulls all-nighters at least twice a week. “I’m not sure what I’ll do in the winter without these forums to attend. I’ll probably pick up a few more civic engagement programs, and audit more classes.”

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Ambitious New Student Really, Really into First-Year Forums