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College Re-Envisions Prospective Student Experience

The first re-envisioning of the prospective student experience event took place in Mandelle Hall (Graham Key / The Index)

On Monday May 18 and Wednesday May 20, the admissions officers and interns held events in both Mandelle and Hicks, inviting students to kick off the re-envisioning of the prospective student experience here at Kalamazoo College.

These discussion-based events gave current K students the chance to reflect on their first interactions with the campus community, such as with K crew, and how these experiences may help to change for the better.

“The event went well,” Marcus Johnson, one of the admissions counselor working closely with K crew said, although he added that he would have liked to see a larger turnout.

Those who held the event appreciated the student perspectives given at the event, he said.

According to Johnson, the Admissions Office is striving to make their organization more anti-racist, inclusive, and representative.

During the first event on Monday, students gathered to give their insights on how to better prospective students’ experiences. Johnson stated that he “appreciated having people use the vocabulary of anti-racism” and added that this vocabulary includes knowing what it means to value people for who they are and what the words “privileged” and “diversity” mean.

The stories and student experiences really came through on Wednesday where Johnson said that the “need for change” was heard. The admissions counselors’ plan is to meet after hearing this call for change in a debriefing session that will include the event facilitators and admissions officers in which changes for next year’s K crew will be discussed.

While the program is still in the period of planning for restructuring, Johnson said he believes that in five years K crew will look very different from how it does now.

“I would love to see major institutional recognition of some change already happening,” Johnson said, and added that the change is slow but it is happening.

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College Re-Envisions Prospective Student Experience