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Aca-rejected: Advice for A Capella Singers

The excitement and fear of auditioning for an A Cappella group is scarcely matched elsewhere. Whether you’re learning a song for the initial audition, or warming up before the dreaded callbacks, it can seem as bad as a midterm exam.

This past week, the three A Cappella groups on campus held their auditions, callbacks, and made their choices on who they accepted. This was one of the largest years the groups had seen for a while, with over 70 people auditioning for Premium Orange (Coed A Cappella) alone.

Although many people tried out, there were only a few spots to fill among the three groups. This meant that unfortunately, many of the groups had to make hard decisions on who to accept.

I was one of the many who tried out for the groups this past week and I also participated in audition last years. I was accepted into the Kalamadudes (All-men A Cappella) this past weekend and felt like I needed to share my experiences about it. Hopefully, I can console anyone feeling bummed out about the process if they didn’t make it in this year.

Last year was my first time trying out for anything like an A Cappella group. I was scared senseless and worried I wasn’t going to be good enough.

Standing in front of a large group of people who are listening for any small mistake you make is not an easy thing to do. I felt incredibly stressed and scared.

I was lucky enough to snag a spot in the callbacks this year, and felt just as terrified as I was during auditions.

When it was all said and done, I got the email last year stating that I wasn’t in.

I was devastated, and my confidence was shot. It wasn’t a good feeling, and it’s probably what some of you are going through.

I didn’t stop loving music, though, and I joined K College’s choir, a decision I don’t regret. Not only did it boost my singing ability, but it also boosted my confidence as a singer, something that was desperately missing during my audition and callbacks.

I didn’t sing loud enough and I didn’t sing as confidently as I could, something I noticed some of the first-year students doing during callbacks.

Being in choir and not giving up on singing because of this stumble has helped me grow as a singer and led me to callbacks this year.

My experience has solidified one thing for me: Be confident, try out next year, and you’ll have a much better shot at impressing the group you’re interested in.

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Aca-rejected: Advice for A Capella Singers