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A Vision for The Index in its 140th Year

Delaney Fordell (left) and Elyse Tuennerman (right). Delaney Fordell (left) and Elyse Tuennerman (right).

Dear Kalamazoo College Community,

We, Delaney Fordell and Elyse Tuennerman, are honored to serve the Kalamazoo College community as Co-Editors-in-Chief of The Index for the 2017/2018 academic school year.

Having spent more than two years with The Index, we have seen the organization grow and evolve along with the broader campus community. We are optimistic about the promise of the coming year, and see the opportunity for continued change while remaining dedicated to facilitating conversation.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, both in terms of our publications and the student organization producing them. The Index should be a space that serves all members of our community, and we will work to highlight a wide variety of voices around campus. We invite and encourage collaboration between students, faculty, staff, and alumni; our door is always open to those with new ideas.

In a time of great and rapid change in journalism, we will strive to keep the community informed and updated in real time. The Index has progressed on this front in the past year, particularly with the improvement of our website and social media pages. We will continue to work towards keeping publications timely and relevant.

We also aim to build the internal strength of The Index. We believe that our student newspaper is valuable not only to its readers, but also as a launch pad for young journalists. We aspire to create an environment that lifts the voices of student writers while providing a space to strengthen their skills.

As the future facilitators of The Index, we are thrilled to build off of the progress of previous staff while finding ways to delve deeper into the issues that affect Kalamazoo College.

We hope that you will join us in building a publication that informs, entertains, and strengthens our community. Please feel free to email us, comment on our website, join us on social media, and attend our weekly meetings.


Delaney Fordell & Elyse Tuennerman
Co-Editors-In-Chief 2017/2018



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A Vision for The Index in its 140th Year